Hype Hair: The Wig Guru Talks Instagram Success, The Key To A Perfect Wig And Future Endeavors

If wig guru Tokyo Stylez had a theme song it would most definitely be Willow Smith’s debut hit “I Whip My Hair.” Don’t believe me? Just watch – his Instagram page that is. The success story of this humble 25-year-old hair stylist lies in his 6,000 plus posts and whopping 493,000 (and growing) followers. He has posted thousands of 15-second Instagram videos of him serving a fierce resting b*tch face accompanied by a hair tease, complete with hair flips that only Beyonce’s magic fan could produce. But it’s his flawless technique that has made Tokyo a hot commodity in the hair world in what seems like the blink of an eye. And the 15 seconds of slayage on the ‘gram is but a mere glimpse into the full serving of beat he puts on a mannequin’s mane.  From Teyana Taylor to K. Michelle, Tokyo is now known as the man primping the mane’s of many leading ladies. Hype Hair sat with Tokyo to talk about his Touched by Tokyo brand and of course all things hair.

– Ashley Monaé, Hype Hair