Yahoo! Style: Kylie Jenner‘s Wig Maker Dishes on That Do-Rag

Lots of folks lost their minds when they saw photos of Kylie Jenner at Jonathan Simkhai’s Spring 2017 show sporting a do-rag. The question that popped into our heads when we saw her look was, “Whose idea was it to put that on your head?” According to celebrity hairstylist and wig maker Tokyo Stylez, the man behind the reality star’s many, many extensions, it was all Kylie.

“You know, she’s very daring, and that’s why I love working with her,” he told Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee and co-host June Ambrose during a NYFW live show. “We was kind of feeling a vibe, you know when Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé used to wear like a do-rag. [Editor’s Note: They actually wore bandanas.] But she wanted to make it more urban, modern.”

Watch the full video above to discover what Tokyo Stylez was “surprised” to find out about after Jenner went platinum blond and where she gets her hair inspiration. Then watch makeup artist Vincent Oquendo break down the glitter makeup trend that has taken over the runways.


– Dana Oliver, Yahoo! Beauty